CCUK&MR have supported countless dogs over the 40 plus years the rescue has been running. Over the last few years the number of dogs and puppies we have been asked to support has skyrocketed, costing the rescue lots of money in vets fees, feeding and the general care and upkeep of the dogs.
We are not a charity and rely solely on the kind donations from the general public to support us as well as funding a lot ourselves which is getting harder and harder as time progresses.

Thankfully we have found lots of dogs fantastic new owners and they all continue to thrive and live the life they so deserve. However we have 3 dogs in our care that we are requesting help in supporting - Koby and Gus our sanctuary dogs which we are sadly unable to safely rehome, and Ellie who has been with the rescue for almost a year now without a single application.

It costs the rescue £190 to feed these three long termers a month. If we could get 13 people to sponser each dog at £5 a month that would be a massive help in covering their food costs, taking a little of the pressure off which allows us to continue to support other very needy dogs. Those that are able to support, will receive weekly updates and pictures on what their sponsored pupster has been up to, along with videos and pictures.

If you would prefer not to donate monthly but send a little something to help our PayPal address is We are also very happy to accept donations of food / treats / toys and will happily provide a postal address if this is something people would prefer to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for anyone wanting to sponsor a dog please contact

Big thank you to Burns dog feeds for their very kind large donation of feed....

Thanks to Jo, Wendy, Shirley and Martin for helping me move it all into a kennel......

Thank you Carol from The Hound Hotel for letting me keep it there.....

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