In the first instance we request any prospective adopters complete the life term care application form which can be requested by emailing


Once the completed form is completed and sent back to us, our volunteers will check it thoroughly to see if all criteria for adoption is met.  If there are any gaps in the application form our volunteers may contact the prospective adopters for further information or clarification.


If the application form is approved we will then arrange to have an initial telephone conversation with the prospective adopters. In that telephone conversation we will aim to gather some further details from them which will include lifestyle and the type of dog that may be of interest or suit.  


We would then arrange a home check to give us the opportunity to meet prospective adopters and their family, but also to help match them with any suitable dogs that are currently in our care. Our main priority will always be the welfare of the dogs within our rescue and we will always strive to find the best home possible for each and every dog within our care. 


Following the home check, prospective adopters would need to be prepared to travel to meet any suitable dog. It is likely they would need to do this on more than one occasion depending on the individual dog they were most suited to. 


Following a number of successful meet and greets we would then allow the dog to go to the prospective adopters on a one month trial period. During that trial period we would expect the adopters to keep us up to date on how the dog is doing, how the adopters were managing and any support required.


After a successful months trial period we would deem that dog to be successfully adopted and be part of the adopters family.  


Should any prospective adopters not be able to keep any of our dogs in the future, that dog MUST be returned to us, never sold, given away, passed to another rescue and the contract that leaves with the dog will stipulate this in much more detail.