We are a small rescue that was initially founded over 40 years ago, initially focusing on Bullmastiffs and Molossers before moving onto Cane Corsos 20 years ago.  


We specialise in rescue, rehabilitation, and then the rehoming of Cane Corsos.  Occasionally we are able to support other Molosser breeds however in recent years our focus has predominantly been on Cane Corsos due to the vast number that sadly require our support. 


We are completely volunteer run and rely purely on public donations to fund our rescue, transport and rehabilitation efforts.  Our volunteers do everything from administration to fund raising to transporting to caring for the dogs that find their way to us. We also spend a significant amount of time offering advice and guidance to owners of Cane Corsos in an attempt to support them to enable them to keep their pets rather than surrender to rescue where behaviour or training has become an issue.  


Over the last two years we have been inundated with requests to take both puppies and adult dogs from private homes, council run pound kennels, animal charities, vets, police and behaviourists. The main problem as we see it is breeders selling to anybody willing to give them money and buyers asking very few questions and not truly understanding the breed they are purchasing. Only a handful of breeders in the UK will support buyers in taking dogs back if circumstances change so please be very careful who you buy from, not all breeders are as they seem.  


Many of the dogs that come to us have some form of behavioural or training requirements that takes time to work with and resolve before being able to be rehomed.  Other dogs we receive into our care may have suffered from some form of abuse or have been mistreated in the past which can take a significant amount of time patience and love to resolve.  We also have taken in dogs where family circumstances have drastically changed meaning they can no longer keep their beloved pet.    


We have a strict non destruct policy and would never euthanize unless on vet advice as a final option. 


All potential homes for our rescue dogs are thoroughly vetted. We have a robust application process that we expect everyone have to go through before adopting any of our dogs.


We offer lifetime support to all of our rescue dogs and puppies and are available to answer any questions no matter what those questions may be at any time.  


The adoption fee for our dogs covers a fraction of the cost needed to care for them. All dogs leave us fully vaccinated, health checked, neutered (age dependent) and microchipped.  They also leave with a rescue contract and a lifetime of rescue support.


We are always massively grateful for any donations via our paypal account which can be found on the paypal link on this website.